Why you shouldn't take melatonin.

Why you shouldn't take melatonin.

The secret to amazing sleep. 

Melatonin is both the name of a sleep hormone and the common name given to the popular sleep supplement. Melatonin as a sleep supplement is widely consumed and relatively easy to obtain. However, there are concerns surrounding its long-term impact on health.

Melatonin as a hormone is naturally produced by the body and plays a fundamental role in regulating your sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin peaks in the evening, signalling to your body and brain that it is time for sleep. 

Evidence suggests that while melatonin supplements may indeed help support sleep in the short-term, they are inferior to non-synthesised sleep-aids in the long-term. Adaptogens and natural herb extracts may indeed prove significantly more effective than melatonin when it comes to reinforcing a person’s natural circadian rhythm over time.


Increase your melatonin levels naturally.


We'll try to keep this relatively simple. There are some ingredients, herbal extracts and nootropics which increase melatonin naturally by increasing precursors to melatonin. The main precursor to force your body to produce more melatonin is a chemical process called 'Serotonin'.  If you can increase Serotonin then your body will produce  Melatonin.  

What increases serotonin the best? 

1. Valarian Root 

2. Ashwagandha 

3. 5-HTP


Luckily for you, we placed these compounds (amongst others) in the perfect ratio to have a big impact on your sleep wake cycle resulting in an incredibly refreshing deep sleep. 







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