Can I take Deep Sleep with alcohol? 

Yes, but we would advise you to minimize your units of alcohol due to the sedative effects of alcohol.


How long does Deep Sleep take to work?

Immediately and the results increase over time.


Why is the Deep Sleep supplement so effective?

Every ingredient in Deep Sleep is scientifically proven to increase sleep quality and duration specifically the stage of sleep known as ‘Deep Sleep restorative stage’. People from all around the world have been using these ingredients for enhancing the quality of their sleep, we just decided to put them all together, test the effectiveness and the results are astounding. Give the body what it needs for sleep and sleep you will receive!


Do you have an aftercare team?

Yes, we have aftercare support for all of our customers, and we will help and advise in any way we can to help you achieve quality long lasting sleep.


I don't like swallowing capsules, how else can I take them?

Each capsule can be unscrewed and popped open by hand, just do this over a glass of water, stir in the powder and your good to go. 


Are there any side effects?

Occasionally you may experience vivid dreams for the first few nights, however these seem to subside after a few nights. This is a sign your catching up on some well earned sleep!

Is Deep Sleep suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding woman? 

We do not recommend taking Deep Sleep whilst pregnant or breastfeeding. This is standard for all herbel remedies. Should you feel the need to take them or others while pregnant, then please consult with your doctor before doing so. 


Are there any contraindications?


For any other questions you may have, please ask us on our online chat or email us at info@sleepalpha.co.uk