Habits for a good nights sleep. Easy as 1234

Habits for a good nights sleep. Easy as 1234

To really keep our sleep in perfect tip top shape we need to build HABITS. 

Your receiving this email because you fall into 2 categories.  You have improved your sleep OR are still improving your sleep.

Long term sleep perfection can only happen when we form the correct HABITS which align with our sleep needs. 


Habit 1

Give yourself enough time to sleep. If you need to be up by 7am then you should be going to bed between 10-11pm. Its also very important to stick to the time you go to bed and the time you wake up. Your body likes to know what its about to do! Stay consistent. 

Habit 2

Have a wind down routine.  Don't rush your evenings then get into bed expecting to quickly fall asleep and stay asleep, if your mind is racing your hopes of a good night of sleep are reduced. Instead, try to unwind with something YOU find relaxing. 

Habit 3 

I'll bunch these two together as I mention them a lot, that's because they're important. Don't drink caffeine past 1pm and don't expose yourself to too much blue light in the evening (blue light is the light emitted by TV's and phones). If you do need to work on a laptop or can't resist that Netflix show then please wear blue light blocking glasses, they'll dramatically reduce the amount of blue light absorbed by the eyes. 

Habit 4

Place your body in the biological state for a perfect sleep. Make sure to take your Deep Sleep + Full Restoration capsules before bed, try to keep this included in your routine and take them at roughly the same time each night.


These are just a few habits to include in your night time routine, you may find you need to fill your routine with more however these will provide good building blocks to any routine.

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