Does sleep affect your immune system?

Does sleep affect your immune system?

Your immune system and your sleep.  I'll keep this quick and to the point. As always.


Over the past few decades, sleep science has developed immensely, revealing the far-reaching importance of sleep for virtually every system of the body. As research has delved further into the links between sleep and physical health, it has become increasingly clear that sleep and the immune system are closely connected.

Researchers have found that during nightly sleep, certain components of the immune system rev up. For example, there is an increased production of cytokines associated with inflammation. This activity appears to be driven both by sleep and by circadian rhythm, which is the body’s 24-hour internal clock.

When someone is ill or injured, this inflammatory response helps with recovery, fortifying innate and adaptive immunity as the body works to repair wounds or fight off an infection.

Studies have found, though, that this inflammation occurs even when a person isn’t actively hurt or sick. Analysis of the type of cells and cytokines involved in this nighttime immune activity indicates that its role is to strengthen adaptive immunity.

Just like sleep can help the brain consolidate learning and memory, research suggests that sleep strengthens immune memory. The interaction of immune system components during sleep reinforces the immune system’s ability to remember how to recognize and react to dangerous antigens.

We ( me and you) know that sleep is important and I just want to iterate the many benefits of a proper nights sleep. The more I teach you about sleep, the more that sticks!  Which will cause you to make better decisions leading up to your sleep.  I know it sounds a little boring, sleep, but it really is our super power and what happens during sleep is remarkable AND essential. Even if you get a good nights sleep now its still worth while to 1. educate yourself on the powers of sleep (leave that to me). 2. always be trying to improve it. If you look after your sleep, your sleep really will look after you. 


As always, if you need any additional help with your sleep. Just reach out, reply to this email. 


All that's left to say is - get off your phone! chill out, and have a great sleep. 

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